LifeBot “In Use” Videos

LifeBot® Military / Defense

LifeBot® “Virtual” Clinician shows how “multi-parameter” patient data and telemedicine communication take place with the LifeBot® Telemedicine Clinical Workstation. In this impressive example…with ONLY a Military Data Radio being used in an active "battlefield" application.

LifeBot® EMS Telemedicine during Hurricane Katrina and Rita

The "Super Ambulance™" system utilizes multiple remote-controlled cameras to provide hospital-based emergency specialists invaluable live intelligence, emergency preparedness or "situational awareness" so prompt, objective, and safe life-saving assessments and treatments may be made. This video shows Dr. James "Red" Duke (LifeBot® was his brainchild) triaging patients 360 miles away during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

LIfeBot® Telemedicine MOBILE STROKE UNIT

The ambulance has a built-in CT scanner, lab equipment, LifeBot® Telemedicine providing multi-parameter patient monitoring and HD video / audio communication technology to connect patients across Northern Alberta to “virtual clinical specialists” to deliver a faster diagnosis in order to speed up the start of post-stroke care.

360º Tour

LifeBot® Telemedicine and Senior Care

LifeBot® Telemedicine to show how patient care can be improved and cost savings achieved by reducing unnecessary visits to hospital emergency rooms and unnecessary hospital admissions and re-admissions.