LifeBot® Videos / Solutions in Action

LifeBot® is the brainchild of legendary trauma surgeon (who pioneered “Life Flight”) Dr Red Duke

LifeBot® DREAMS™ EMS / The Genesis of the "Super Ambulance" Emergency Telemedicine with Dr Red Duke

LifeBot® “live” in theater (military)…transmitting (bi-directionally) multi-parameter patient data including audio and video all in “real-time” via military walkie talkie

LifeBot® improving Senior Care quality of care and reducing costs:

LifeBot® “Virtual Physician User Tutorial” Mobile Tablet


University Alberta Stroke Hospital / Mobile Stroke Unit Ambulance videos:

Stroke Ambulance overview (LifeBot installed as the telemedicine / communication device and patient vital sign monitor).

Stroke initiative Phase 1 and 2 outcome metrics

Demers “Stroke Ambulance” overview video

360º Tour