LifeBot 5 & LifeBot 6 Exclusive Features

  • LifeBot® DREAMS™
    The ONLY system with military project DREAMS software and hardware adaptations.
  • Dynamic Design
    Fully modular and upgradable as mobile and healthcare technologies advance. Only system upgradable to exclusive patented and patent pending LifeBot technologies. This allows a process of miniaturization.
  • On-Board Communications
    Intelligent audio, video, and data communications managed and aggregated using cellular 3G, 4G LTE, data radio, and satellite. Cellular compatibility 200+ modems, 100+ carriers, 50+ countries worldwide.
  • LifeBot® CONNECT™
    Secure data management to send and receive patient call records to Central Database Repository for Health Information Exchange (HIE).
  • Largest Field Portable Display
    12.1 inch display adequate to manage run and patient records, display higher resolution videos and images; view and support applications such as ultrasound and examination cameras.
  • Protection
    All components are housed in a rigid protective aluminum alloy space-frame with rigid protective soft pouches that provide for additional durability and protection against weather not inherent in most field portable equipment today.
  • Pre-Connection
    All patient to monitor and hardware interfaces are connected before use to accelerate care with isolation from environmental elements.
  • Proven Component Structure
    Design utilizes select components with proven record of regulatory compliance, reliability and availability.
  • Environment and Power Ratings
    Most components, both external and internal, are IEC IP rated and listed as compliant with all power systems ratings for both line and vehicular operation and use in both domestic and international systems.
  • Serviceability
    Design offers significantly reduced down-time because individual components may be readily serviced, replaced or upgraded as needed.

General Derived Benefits

LifeBot® DREAMS™ is the most advanced telemedicine system in the world for day-to-day care and for emergencies or disasters.

Quality Care – expedites access to patient data and eliminates geographic and logistical barriers to care

Reduced Costs – substantially reduces healthcare costs in almost every category

Community Paramedicine – Deliver EMS pre-hospital primary care

  • (Stoke ambulance, Senior Care Facilities, Rural Clinics, Airlines, Maritime, etc)

Less Errors = Less Risks – more complete information means more accurate assessments

Care Coordination – matches level of care required at the outset

Accelerated Care – documentation assessment support for faster safer and more accurate diagnoses

Tested Proven – the most proven system used for six years and in major disasters

Reimbursement - Improve reimbursement under value-based purchasing

Accountable Care - Provides ideal infrastructure for ACOs to expedite meaningful use

Saves lives – more timely more accurate decisions reduce morbidity, mortality and improves outcomes

Situational Awareness – know precisely what you are dealing with real-time live before arrival

Lower Personnel Risks – video monitoring makes patients more compliant and protects staff

Transportable Data – can be ported to any EHR, ePCR, or call record system

Syndromic Surveillance – early detection of outbreaks and bioterrorism through documentation assessment support data

Multifunction All-In-One – ability to scale routine care to effectively handle unexpected emergencies

Mobile Portability – take it into the home, business, and the battlefield

Deployable – wearable back-pack and portable systems take the fight for lives to the battlefield and the home

Defense Military – especially designed by the military for the battlefield

Fully Integrated – only telemedicine system fully integrated – eliminates costly separate devices or gadgets training and confusion

Quality Remote Care – expedites access to patient data and eliminates geographic and logistical barriers to prompt quality care

Multifunction All-In-One – ability to scale routine care to effectively handle unexpected emergencies

Less Errors = Less Risks – more complete information means more accurate assessments and reduced risks

Situational Awareness – know precisely what you are dealing with real-time live before patient arrival

Accountable Care – provides ideal infrastructure for ACOs to expedite meaningful use and reimbursement

Saves Lives – more timely more accurate decisions reduce morbidity, mortality and improves outcomes

Award Winning – Frost and Sullivan: Best Portable Telemedicine Award 2014. Winner twice of General Maxwell Thurman Award by James “Red” Duke, Jr. M.D. and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense (military affairs) S. Ward Cassells, M.D. at American Telemedicine Association. Best product of 2013.

LifeBot® DREAMS™ Standard System Features

Real-Time Live Usable Data - video, voice, data appears at both physician and patient ends real-time with live information displays

Multi-Function – may be utilized for day to day use but may handle emergencies or disasters

Hands-Free Automatic - transparent so focus is on patient and quality of care instead of verbal communications

Automatic Mobile Connectivity – exclusive Intelligent Communications Manager (ICM) transparently enables reliable cellular, Wi-Fi , LTE, WiMAX connections and aggregates bandwidth. (Not required or furnished with cart or client systems with dedicated high-capacity fixed Internet connectivity.)

All Physiological Data – live clinical waveforms, single, 12 and 15 lead ECG, HR, NIBP, dual invasive BP, SpO2 with plethysmogram, etCO2 with capnogram, tpCO2, dual temperatures

Multi-Camera Handling – handles up to five separate cameras including individual pan zoom tilt and transmission speeds and resolutions

Preset Camera Positions – to rapidly view select patient locations

Standardized User Interface – enables cost savings through uniform interactive design in both pre-hospital and clinical use

Instant Data Usability – real-time data shared automatically without separate parties or costly third party servers assures timely critical patient assessments

Saves Data – No Connectivity – if connectivity is compromised select data may be stored in local system database

Important Data First – if data connection is restored most important life-saving data is sent first with priority status

Region of Interest – Remote physician or intensivist may screen draw frame area of video increasing focus while reducing bandwidth used

Tele-Stration – physician or intensivist may instruct on-site EMS through play-by-play screen drawing in multiple colors for critical real-time guidance in procedures

Selective Recording – may selectively record physiological data

Real-Time Live ePCR EHR - live transmission of patient medical record, medical and call reporting proceeds communicated from both ends with update indicators

Export e-Mail Print EHR – call records and physiological information may be printed, exported to Adobe PDF and e-mailed

Tagged Patient Data – all data call tagged to prevent e-PCR EHR record data mix-up

Data Parity – ePCR EHR and physiological data may be stored automatically at both ends

Inventory Management – on-board scanner allows scanning of supplies for inventory management and resupply of ambulances

Driver’s License ID Scanner – allows scanning directly into EHR or ePCR of critical contact information speeding care

Portable Data – standard SQL database storage allows export of all data to standard EHR ePCR systems

AES Encryption – all data transmissions encrypted for HIPAA compliance and safer more secure voice video transmissions

Maps and AVL – real-time GPS maps location and optional automatic vehicle tracking complete with estimated time of arrival – may also be used to optimize fast transport to nearest facility

Text Messaging – each user can send silent or highly specific text messages during critical or sensitive procedures

Tele-Stration or tele-demonstration - is a feature of the LifeBot® DREAMS™ telemedicine system. Using this feature a physician, intensivist, or other medical specialist using the LifeBot® Slate tablet PC or Desktop PC may draw directly upon the screen of transmitted videos “live”. Those instructive drawings appear “live” at the patient end rendering real-time clinical care instruction.

Physicians may illustrate “play-byplay” where pertinent and important information exists and use this method to instruct those treating the patient with precise critical observations. 

Additional Information

Cellular and Systems Compatibility

  • Certified compatibility with 200+ commercial cellular modems using 100+ multiple carriers in 50+ countries internationally worldwide
  • Certified ViaSAT Compatible.
  • Certified SpearNet Military Data Radio Compatible

LifeBot Connect™

Manages Connectivity Security and Central Data Repository Servers

Cloud Based Communications and Data Management Services by LifeBot:

  • Persistent: Cellular interfaces connection Quality of Service management.
  • Hard Disconnect Restore: Reinitializes data connection after 1 minute or less of complete hard disconnect.
  • Critical Disaster Recovery Over-Ride : Hot-Failover Protection using World-Wide Regionalized Network for low routing hops
  • Health Information Exchange (HIE) : Capabilities for Patient Call Data Collection to Central Repository Server to and from multiple LifeBot 6 systems.
  • Remote Windows User Policy : Administration to Manage conventional PC Monitoring and Abuse
  • Secure HIPAA Connectivity: 256-bit AES encryption over secure VPN

LifeBot™ Interceptor™ Options

  • 12 Lead ECG
  • Temp
  • NIBP
  • Invasive BP
  • SpO2 Pulse Ox
  • etCO2 – Capnography

General Characteristics and Compliance

  • Class I FDA MDDS Compliant (medical components 510(k) compliant)
  • All major components are CE certified and FCC Part 15 compliant for acquisition of flight operations and aviation use conformance.
  • Dimensions: 21” width x 12” height x 9” depth (51cm x 30.5cm x 30.5cm)
  • Height without 1.5” diameter carrying handle – 9 inches (23cm)
  • Weight (Nominal as equipped): 15-25 lbs. (6.8kg – 11.4kg)

Optional Features

LifeBot Tablet – physician or intensivist may utilize small portable tablet for full remote access

LifeBot Desktop - physician or intensivist may utilize high-resolution all-in-one PC for full remote real-time access

Proven Documentation Support – most proven decision assistance software to substantially reduce assessment times, risks and associated costs

Remote Ultrasound – may utilize mobile ultrasound with enhanced display on tablet or all-in-one PC with remote transmission and annotation

Instruments Compatibility – may support field monitor defibrillators, exam cameras, electronic stethoscopes, video laryngoscopes

Satellite and Data Radio – wireless connectivity via satellite or data radio links

Radio and Telephone – voice communications via radio or telephone

Port to Popular EHR ePCR Systems – Utilities may be developed to port data collected to popular patient record systems

Patents – integration of future critical patented technologies only available from LifeBot

Important Notes: 

Utilized during the hurricane crises of Katrina, Rita, and Ike, LifeBot® DREAMS™ systems are the only telemedicine systems in the world proven in use during major disasters.

Features presented in this documentation are dependent upon use of both compatible specified hardware and adequate network bandwidth or connectivity.

Optional external peripheral equipment which integrates “Plug and Play” or via Bluetooth

  • Digital stethoscope
  • Otoscope Exam Camera
  • Eye Exam Camera
  • Dermatoscope Camera
  • Handheld Ultrasound Probes
  • Additional external cameras
  • Additional external screens for patient and family viewing
  • Video laryngoscopy