LifeBot® Telemedicine Solution for “Acute” EMS, Senior / Rural Care, and Stroke Ambulance

Breakthrough enabling award winning telemedicine technology for delivering lifesaving care anywhere at anytime.

From the simplest to the most complex of events, our telemedicine / telehealth products are designed for mobile connected care, for personal survival, for use in the comprehensive management of public safety, disaster / recovery, marine, airline, senior telehealth, stroke ambulance, and rural clinic telemedicine / telehealth operations.

LifeBot owns the exclusive world-wide rights to crucial new patents and Disaster Relief and Emergency Medical Services (DREAMS™), the award winning $36 million research project funded by U.S. Army Center for Medical Research and Materiel Command (UCMC) and the Telemedicine And Technology Research Center (TATRC).

The LifeBot® 6 is the industry’s most advanced portable mobile “fully-integrated” telemedicine / telehealth system available today. With its unique nearly indestructible exoskeleton design, it is also among the most rugged of all telemedicine systems having been certified and successfully field-tested during hurricane disasters Katrina and Rita.

It’s the telemedicine solution of choice for the University Alberta Stroke Center Ambulance.

LIfeBot® 6 has been successfully deployed at senior care facilities to avert unnecessary costly ambulance transfers to the hospital ER.

The LifeBot® Telemedicine / Telehealth system was the “brainchild” of famed Texas trauma surgeon, Dr. James “Red” Duke.

LifeBot® 6 is a true telemedicine / telehealth system which goes far beyond simple video teleconferencing by also (and in a fully integrated fashion) acquiring and transmitting (in real-time) critical patient vital signs data like multi-lead ECG (including 12-lead), SPO2, non-invasive “and” invasive blood pressure, ETCO2 (with capnogram), dual temp, multiple exam cameras, imbedded ultrasound (just plug in a handheld probe), an onboard server to capture full medical record patient history (ePCR), geographical location, etc. This level of integration eliminates the need for the investment of separate disparate devices and the training / service costs required to operate and maintain them. Ancillary devices (like external portable defibrillators) and patient information generated can be easily linked to and captured (including pre-shock ECG) by the LifeBot® via USB or Bluetooth.

Integration with the LifeBot Clinical Workstation

Once connected, the “virtual” doctor or nurse, using the LifeBot Clinical Workstation or mobile tablet, is afforded the unique ability to have full “interactive” capability for all captured patient vital sign data…where they can review these multi-parameters being captured and can even choose different screens to view independent of the EMT…again…all in real-time.

None of this will matter if communication should be lost between the LifeBot® and the receiving hospital / virtual medical specialist. Having high confidence in how the telemedicine system communicates is paramount.

This is where we believe LifeBot® truly outshines competitive offerings. Redundant multi-modality communication capability (cell 3G / 4G / LTE, WiMAX Radio, Wi-Fi, and Sat Phone) minimizes risk communication is not lost. If in the rare event communication becomes disrupted, LifeBot® continues to capture and store all patient information which will be transmitted immediately upon communication being restored.

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LifeBot 6 Exclusive Features

  • LifeBot® DREAMS™
    The ONLY system with military project DREAMS software and hardware adaptations.
  • Dynamic Design
    Fully modular and upgradable as mobile and healthcare technologies advance. Only system upgradable to exclusive patented and patent pending LifeBot technologies. This allows a process of miniaturization.
  • On-Board Communications
    Intelligent audio, video, and data communications managed and aggregated using cellular 3G, 4G LTE, data radio, and satellite. Cellular compatibility 200+ modems, 100+ carriers, 50+ countries worldwide.
  • LifeBot® CONNECT™
    Secure data management to send and receive patient call records to Central Database Repository for Health Information Exchange (HIE).
  • Largest Field Portable Display
    12.1 inch display adequate to manage run and patient records, display higher resolution videos and images; view and support applications such as ultrasound and examination cameras.
  • Protection
    All components are housed in a rigid protective aluminum alloy space-frame with rigid protective soft pouches that provide for additional durability and protection against weather not inherent in most field portable equipment today.
  • Pre-Connection
    All patient to monitor and hardware interfaces are connected before use to accelerate care with isolation from environmental elements.
  • Proven Component Structure
    Design utilizes select components with proven record of regulatory compliance, reliability and availability.
  • Environment and Power Ratings
    Most components, both external and internal, are IEC IP rated and listed as compliant with all power systems ratings for both line and vehicular operation and use in both domestic and international systems.
  • Serviceability
    Design offers significantly reduced down-time because individual components may be readily serviced, replaced or upgraded as needed.