“It is arguable the most sophisticated example of a working telemedicine system in EMS. ... surprisingly ergonomic... like the steering wheel of a car.”

Dan White - Technology Editor ems1.com- Digital Data for EMS

“Lorien Bel Air is connected to UM UCMC with the LifeBot Telemedicine systems. ...to improve the patient’s quality of life.

Louis G. Grimmel, Sr. - CEO Lorien Healthcare

“With more information LifeBot DREAMS enables one to do something definitive to make a difference.

Dr. James “Red” Duke, Jr. - Innovator Physician HIMSS Interview

“LifeBot 5 combines telemedicine essentials in one device. That’s where all-in-one portable telemedicine units like the LifeBot 5 come into play.”

Ben Coxworth - Editor GizMag : The LifeBot 5

“...what we really need, right now, is better telemedicine technology, particularly in emergency situations... the LifeBot 5 offers exactly that.”

SCI-FI Channel DVICE - Editor LifeBot 5 : A Portable Emergency Room

Advantages of Using LifeBot Telemedicine

Patient Advantages

  • Improved access to medical specialists
  • Access to care in remote locations
  • Faster diagnosis and treatment
  • Reduced travel and cost effectiveness
  • Improved quality

Provider Advantages

  • Facilitates collaborative decision making
  • Enhanced diagnostics with physiologic data and audio-visual
  • Ease of specialty consultation
  • Improved provider workflow efficiency

LifeBot® provides exclusive patented telemedicine and telehealth solutions and digital collaborative systems to eliminate disparate communications issues during emergencies with full interoperability. We also integrate next generation broadband capabilities not inherent in today’s interoperative digital radio communications so the benefits of achieving telemedicine, telehealth, and emergency preparedness objectives may all be fully realized.


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